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Inheritance Cycle Lore: Humans, Urgals, and the Emperor Galbatorix

Inheritance Cycle Lore: Humans, Urgals, and the Emperor Galbatorix

Humans in Alagaesia are not very different from your average high fantasy humans, much infighting, wars and political treaties as one would expect. However, there is one major thing about humans that make them special in this land, they too are a race that can ride dragons. This was achieved during the reign of king Palancar who was thrown out by his nobles after they signed a peace treaty with…

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Lore Junky and Air for Books

Well a friend of mine started a blog on wordpress in order to expand his horizons in literature and as a result I decided to make a lore blog on it to somewhat accompany it and send recommendations for books. So I happened to come across the share feature for tumblr so now I will be doing lore posts through this blog too, which will at least give you guys something while I draw cross class.

Anyways, the book series I recommended to him was the Inheritance cycle, and so far I’ve made four lore posts about it, so that’s a thing, just to say. So don’t be startled to see a lore post pop up here.

Unfortunately for Air for Books his next series is one I will NOT be doing lore on (in fact the series breaks more lore than makes it) the name of the series being the very hated and yet very successful….Twilight saga, poor fella, that request should have come hereafter. Oh well that was inevitable.

Also this was quite the long post, sorry, I had no intention of making this so long 0_0’

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